Himalaya - undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and
impressive range in the world, is fastly becoming the most visited adventure zone of the world.
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Himalayas - The Legendary Majestic Beauty
Trailing through the Himalayan region, brings you directly in contact with the country and its people, and helps to foster an appreciation of the mountain environments.

Traverse through the Great Himalayan Range and appreciate the sheer geographic diversity - from the verdant, forested valleys and tropical jungles of Arunachal and the flowering meadows carpeted with rare orchids, to the rugged terrain of the Trans Himalaya that extends to the Tibetan plateau.
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Himalaya present an endless variation in terms of climate, geography, flora and fauna, and visiting its various destinations will bring you close to the rich cultural heritage of the region.
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From the earliest records, the Himalaya has been revered as the Abode of Gods. This mountain range marks the crossroads of Asia's three main cultures Hinduism, Buddhism & Islam.

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Accommodation in the blissful mountainous setting of the Himalayan range is enough to rediscover tranquility. Stay in any of the resorts and hotels and get to know this beautiful part of the world a little better.


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