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Himalayas History - The majestic mountain arouses a number of question in the curious minds as to how and when it was formed and how it developed. Here in this section, we offer you details of Himalayas history.

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Himalaya History

HimalayaThe Himalayas history is both interesting and intriguing. There are so many things to know, so let's begin. The Himalayas are not merely a geographical feature, a range of mountains; they epitomise a people's civilisational identity that goes back to the dawn of history. If these majestic mountains were not there, the rain clouds sweeping up from the Indian Ocean would have passed over the Indian subcontinent into central Asia leaving it a burning desert.

Archaeological evidence about Himalayas history reveals that urban civilisation first emerged in the valleys of the rivers coursing down from the Himalayan mountains. When man elsewhere was cautiously emerging from his cave shelters, spectacular cities flourished at Mohenjodaro and Harappa in the Indus valley.

Clash of Sages
To the north west of India runs the river Indus. While today most of the Indus does not flow within India, five tributaries of the Indus ....

Himalayan Mythology & History
Himalayas history are not the only things to know. The mahestic mountains have numerous stories and mythologies attached to it...

Indus Symbols
Symbolic representations of religion marked wealth and social status, and set the rulers apart from the people ....

River valleys played an important role with diversity and inter-relationship. It is along the river valleys that major civilisations.....

This small village in the western Himalayas has a setting that only the Gods could have created.....